The world in 2050

Video made by Jeanne Dubresson, Zoé Deutsch and Elli Coulombier in partnership with Gobelins and MSI.
First try at VR video making. Everything is made with 3D.

We made this video to imagine a world in 2050 where we would live in big bubbles and abandon ancient cities. It could be because of the lack of oxygen outside or to protect nature. The video is made in VR for several reasons : one is to appreciate the 3d landscape and be able to turn around as you wish, the second one is to give sensations to be on a real rail and finally to be able to immerge yourself totally in a maybe near future.

Not Ok

Art Directors : Agathe Eve, Jeanne Dubresson
Actress : Laurine Mével
Make up artist : Gabrielle Cairoche
Studios : Manuel Cam Studios

This stop motion project is a collaboration with Kkado Kkado, a pop and jazz duo in Korea. The MV tells the story of a character suffering from insomnia. In her dreams, creatures live under her bed and cannot see the sky until she wakes up.
Therefore their goal is to climb on the bed and force her to get up. But the creatures, made from rags in her bedroom, keep encountering obstacles through their course, which represents her mental state.
The upbeat rythm of the song contrasts with the message, it gives a sort of irony and desillusion to the story. We choosed stop motion for the creatures and video for the character to differentiate dream and reality but also because the jerky
mouvement would create the same atmosphere of the song.

SHOWREEL 2020 – Jeanne Dubresson

Showreel 2020


Girl – opening credits

The movie tells the story of Lara, a teenager transitioning into a woman who suffers from being trapped into a man’s body that does not correspond to her. She practices intensively ballet and its rigor is everywhere in the movie. Her family supports her in this hardship and are important witnesses of her evolution and her suffering. In the title sequence, we focus on the period before the movie occurs, and take the viewpoint of the younger brother. The child viewpoint allows us to illustrate with drawings this delicate period of time through a tender and unbiased perspective.

The technic used is top motion. The elements are put on a fridge’s door, central element of a family house. We can see physical changes in the character through clothes and hair, her efforts to danse but also her progressive social isolation. It is a title sequence that links the movie to its past through elements mentioned in the movie.

Hors cadre

This is a short movie I shot with a 16mm camera. It tells the story of a 18th century painting character that comes alive, gets out of her frame and takes it with her while leaving the museum like she was carrying her own home. I wanted to mix mediums and use the particularities of this 16mm camera. I could film the whole movie on only one film continualy even though I had to rewind the camera every 30 seconds because mechanically the film spins only during this short time.

Something Alive – Quelque chose de vivant