“Soldiers stopped caring about people, it became a video game”

I’ve wanted for this project to be fill one of the roles of an artist which is to be in relation with the world, react to situations and facts. Recently I’ve read in a newspaper a sentence that stroke me, a testimony of a soldier “Soldiers stopped caring about people, it became a video game”.
It inspired me, I captured images taken by Russian drones flying over Syria and I mixed them with video games images. If the game can be inspired from war images, war can in return become itself a “game”. After weeks spent on the battlefield, the soldiers start to shoot mechanically. By making montages sometimes barely visible, I wanted to picture confusion between reality and fiction. The dehumanization is even more perturbing that it shows ruined and empty cities.

I draw the attention on a sensitive problem for French people because of the terrorist attacks and the situation in Syria, but there are questions about the status of the images. First of all, the Russian videos are accessible to anyone on the internet without specifying the goal, propaganda or compassion?
The second reason is the overuse of the city in war in the video games trivializes and aestheticizes landscapes of ruin and destruction, which we forget are also living places.